About Gercon Construction LTD.

Gercon Construction LTD. was started by Jack Waters in 1972 as a framing and foundation specialist. Our first project, built in 1975, was a duplex in the Jasper Place neighborhood. This was during a construction boom period in Edmonton. This first project sold quickly, so we started a second duplex and sold that before it was completed. We then purchased some lots in a new subdivision called Mill Woods and built several single family homes. That was the start of our residential construction business. In 1978 we joined The Alberta new Home Warranty Program and we are one of the oldest members of the program. 

After the housing collapse of 1981, we changed our direction. We went from speculation building to the custom building of pre-sold homes. We have continued that through the 1980's, the 1990's and to the present. Over time Jack's son Brian, joined the company with his new ideas and love of construction. Both owners find building new homes to be very rewarding.

The majority of our customer base comes from the referrals of our previous customers. Our company policy has been to service any of our customer's concerns, no matter who is responsible for the problem. We try to service these concerns immediately and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. This has served us well in all 41 years in the residential home construction industry.

Over the years we have received numerous awards including, long term service awards such as the "Leadership in Excellence Award", from The Alberta New Home Warranty Program. In 2001 we were nominated by our customers and received the Torch Award of Ethics from the Better Business Bureau of Central and Northern Alberta.

We continue to look forward to supplying quality build homes to homeowners who expect a little more. We are proud of every house we have built and look forward to building many more.